TRINITY ATHLETIC CENTER (T.A.C) – Home of Phenom Illinois

Pod A

Pod-A is a 100′ x 80′ pod with 5 retractable tunnels creating 4 batting tunnels, 15′ wide by 70′ long and 1, 12′ by 70′ long pitching lane. When all tunnels are in use, Pod-A still provides a 40′ x 70′ space for additional work during practice. Ceiling nets extend to 18 feet high allowing for a great view of ball flight.

Pod B

Pod-B is a 75′ x  60′ training space that includes 4 retractable 13′ x 60′ long batting tunnels and a 12′ x 56′ iron mike tunnel. Great for teams of 12-24 players.

Pod C
Pod-C  is 50′ x 86′ and has 2 tunnels, 14′ x 70′.


Trinity offers team rental and baseball team training packages to suit your teams needs! Whether your looking for indoor space for off season conditioning, or would like to hire one of professional instructors to help run training sessions, we can provide options to fit you budget.